30 Days of B&W

Winter Project 2017


Today's super-saturated, high contrast images, seem to populate every genre. It seemed an appropriate time to return to some old school values .....

Photography is the study of light. Not Photoshop. Of course there are many varied arguments about the skills employed in the darkroom by past masters not least Ansel Adams, whose understanding of chemistry, lead him to play with temperatures of developers, fixers and washes amongst others.

What many forget though, is he, like many of the greats, were and remain the finest photographers, because they understood how to read light, manage the exposures and build images which to this day remain the inspiration (or perhaps envy) of many.

This is really what this project is about - Grass roots.


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Each day, during the month of July 2017, we will be adding a new image each day, captured that same day. We are happy for you to share the images, but please respect our copyright. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to use the links to our email or social media we would be pleased to hear those too.

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