Country Summer

Consider a Country Summer

As the warmth of summer arrives and beach and surf beckon, have a think about a different direction this summer. How about going country and see our Outback friends play. This summer there are numerous Campdraft and Rodeo events around the country. For some this will be seen as a rough and unnecessary sport. Which is even more reason to go and see it first hand. Remembering the welfare of stock in the country is vital. The livelihoods of our Bushmen and Stock farmers, depend on them.

Watching these events, you will come to learn that all events are tailored around the skills they use day to day. Rounding up stock, separating and capturing stock all have practical purposes, like medication, horse breaking and so much more. Everyone gets involved. Yes women and juniors too. Just like the station.


To test the skills of the very best it, is necessary to find more challenging animals to match their talents. The welfare of both man and beast are always high on the agenda. Both have to go back to work when it is all finished.

For many it is the raw power of the animals that is the attraction. Their ability to hurl the weight of a grown man from their backs at will is awe inspiring. Just as impossible to believe, is the fact that anyone can catch or ride these animals. That is the challenge!

Of course injuries, can and do happen. This is the life of a stock farmer. They are a tough breed but don't underestimate the care they take over their stock. Having the opportunity to see the best of the best illustrating their skills and craft is surely worth a day or two away from the beach.

Try a Country Summer and learn more about the lives of our Bushmen and Stock Farmers. Visit a Campdraft or Rodeo this summer. More information can be found through:

The Australian Bushmen's Campdraft and Rodeo Association

Images from the Upper Horton Campdraft and Rodeo, NSW, Australia

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