The Secrets of Promised Land

Near the country town of Bellingen, on the Mid North Coast (Koala Coast), New South Wales, there is a chance to visit the Promised Land. A beautiful sub temperate rainforest, that sits abreast the quiet and clear waters of the Never Never Creek. During the summer holidays, this becomes a popular spot for families to cool off and the kids to let off a little steam in tranquil waterholes and streams. Lilos, floats, boogie boards, in fact anything goes that enables a gentle bob down the cool waters of the creek.

In one waterhole, a rope hangs from a high branch allowing kids to swing from high off the bank into a deep waterhole. Downstream parents gather like paparazzi recording the various leaps of faith.

Along the creek is a track that enables a walk to explore and a Loop Road that allows motorists to take their pick of waterholes or simply enjoy a scenic drive through the rainforest.

When the day is done, a short drive through rural lands to Belligen, offers the chance for drinks and snacks in a broad range of cafes, before heading home.

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