Winter brings new inspiration ...


Tasmania, Australia a mere 1500km from the Antarctic, endures some cooler winters than most of Australia. Now as Autumn yields to Winter, the warm colours are giving way to the cold blues and greens, the clouds lower and the light all but disappears. Despite the chill and the grey skies there is still plenty to inspire.

I took a recent trip around the Derwent River Valley, a particularly beautiful part of Tasmania, Australia

New Norfolk, is a township that sits an hour out of Hobart, Tasmania's capital and is combination of beautiful historic buildings, and farmlands that grow some of the finest fruits and hops in Australia. Many market at premium prices to top Asian markets. Yet for all the industry it has all the warmth and familiarity of a country town.

Sitting astride the Derwent River, that leads to Hobart and the Southern Ocean, New Norfolk is afforded some spectacular views, from its vantage point high above the flood plains. A short drive towards Hobart, leads to Pulpit Rock which affords vistas over all of New Norfolk and shows the Derwent Valley in all its glory.

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Cover photo: The old railroad bridge over the Derwent River at New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia

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