Wild Weather batters the East Coast

 Winter Storm, Bonny Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Over the weekend, a vast low pressure system, has been drawing humid air down from Queensland to the cool eastern seaboard of New South Wales, causing seldom seen weather. Torrential, horizontal rains driven by winds gusting over 125kph, have been reaping havoc throughout the coastal regions. Extensive and flash flooding, downed trees, property damage, blocked roads and these seas.

Offshore, swells rise out of the Pacific Ocean, several metres high. As they are driven against the cliffs, many breached the impressive heights of the rocky precipice. All smash with enough force to create a thunder that rises above the wind and shake the rocks beneath your feet. Amidst the foaming seas, are tons of sand stripped from beaches to the north, turning the waters to a viscous, abrasive, brown soup. White foam stretches for over a kilometre out to sea, whipped by winds and seas smashed against rocks.

It is hard not to admire the forces of nature at work. The coastline is undergoing a major modification. Inland ... it is, going to be a long time cleaning up.

Image: The raging waters of the Pacific Ocean, Grant's Head, Bonny Hills, New South Wales

© Robert Oates | BALLANTYNE Photography, Travel and Events Photography and Photojournalism