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Every journey starts with an idea. Our images showcase them

Your business ideas are important. They are your future. A new destination, a new resort, a new trip or a new great escape. You want people to see them and share them. This is where BALLANTYNE Photography, is the perfect fit. With over 25 years in travel, hospitality and events, we understand your business. We also know how to capture images that showcase, the excellence of your products and services. The result – customers that and engage in your journey.

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BALLANTYNE Photography Travel Services

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Adventure Holidays, the Great Trails and the Great Outdoors. Share the thrill! Tell us where?

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Stepping back into history. The world has a well of historical attractions. How well do they know yours?

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Lifestyle and Culture. Life at a slower pace is the perfect way to relax and learn about new places. What can we learn from you?

Flinders Street Station rises out of the boutique sttore signs, Melbourne Victoria


Heading for the city and a total change or pace. Bright lights excitement, theatres, shopping …. where we are going to?

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Rest and Relaxtion

When you have been flat out and the batteries have nothing left, sometimes its total relaxation that is required. Where are your serene escapes?

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The Open Road

Heading out onto the open road, is one of the the great bucket list items. When time finally allows you to take that magic adventure. Where is your trip?


Over nearly 30 years, BALLANTYNE photography has worked with International, National and Local tourism authorities. Projects have involved promoting destinations, resorts, hotels and restaurants. We’ve covered festivals and cultural events, National and State parks, water parks, museums, art galleries … if you have a travel project you are preparing to market. There is no better time to contact BALLANTYNE Photography.

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